I am nothing if not a troubleshooter. If I have a “sixth sense” at all, it is most definitely optimized to find problems.

It doesn’t matter whose problem it is – mine or yours, if it can be fixed, let’s get to work. It’s both a blessing and a curse. But mostly a blessing.

Even before there was a world wide web, there was Fidonet – a mailer network through which you could find answers to questions from people all over the world, without leaving your room. All you needed was a modem, some BBSes with FrontDoor and a mail reader. Thanks to Google, we have searchable Fidonet archives online, and with it my oldest post that can still be found. And ironically, it’s about modem issues:


But well before that time I was already creating problems for myself that needed fixing.

So today, whenever I am looking for answers, I head to the Google search bar. It’s become second nature for our generation, even though I come from before that time.  Almost every time, there is some sort of answer to the question, because on a planet with billions of people it’s unlikely that you are an unique snowflake all the time.

And thus,  when there is an itch that needs scratching, I leave no page unclicked. Occasionally though, I’m digging through the results page after page and it simply doesn’t jump at me. Then and there, I have two choices: forget it and leave it for another day (or snowflake), or push the envelope, break out of the box and simply get it done.

Of course I don’t succeed all the time. But persistence often wins. When it does, I’ll try to share it with the world.

This is where that happens.

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